About Us

Visual Communication

With iTutoring, static textbooks become graphical videos and online presentations to visually communicate mathematical concepts. Every online presentation is created with the visual learner in mind. Each lesson communicates visually through a consistent use of color, appropriate animations, and graphical transitions to better illustrate the concept.

iTutoring for Teachers

In the classroom, teachers can click through the online presentations or play the video lessons to teach their students the topic of the day. Teachers can also assign video lessons to be viewed at home to implement a flipped classroom. iTutoring is also a great resource for individual students to review previous material without having to take time out of day. We’ve come up with 10 Ways for a Teacher to Implement an iTutoring Site License.

iTutoring for Students

Individual students that need a little extra push can sign up for iTutoring for personal academic use. Why pay $60/hour, when you can have iTutoring and the needed academic assistance for only $14.95/month. Subscribers have access to every lesson of every course to review, learn, and/or preview what’s ahead.

iTutoring for Parents

Mom, Dad, has it been a while since you’ve graphed a trig function or factored a quadratic? With iTutoring, parents can now participate in their childʼs education. Parents can watch the video lessons with their child in order to guide their child through their homework and preparations. iTutoring is especially helpful for those parents who homeschool their children. iTutoring can serve as a foundational resource for teaching your math curriculum.

Versatility of iTutoring

iTutoring can be used in and out of the classroom. While teachers can use the professional graphics of the online presentations to teach their class, students can access those same graphics when watching the lesson videos at home. iTutoring is compatible with smartphones and portable tablets. With such great versatility at your fingertips, teachers and students can have access to iTutoring 24/7.